• National retail diesel prices [US $ cents /litre] 2016

    In the last decade, the global and African economies have been marked by a high volatility in the prices of diesel. Higher diesel prices impact not only the electricity generation costs but also the prices of all other goods that rely on diesel as an intermediate input. Food –on which poor people in low-income developing countries spend a disproportionately high share of their total household expenditures– is the most significantly impacted. This layer shows the national retail diesel prices [US $ cents /litre] in African countries in a context of low fuel prices. The February 2016 prices were selected to represent low diesel prices. During this time, one of the lowest price levels in the decade was registered, when the price of Brent fell to around US$29 per barrel. The 2016 layer (low fuel prices) can be compared with the 2012 layer (high fuel prices - https://africa-knowledge-platform.ec.europa.eu/dataset/dieselpid12), not only in terms of the actual retail prices, but also taking account of per capita incomes and truck revenues, also in terms of affordability.


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