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Ecosystem Condition Risk

Ecosystem condition indicates whether the natural environment is intact and connected. Poor ecosystem condition can result in businesses having restricted access in the long-term to the quantity and quality of resources and enablers needed for their activities as well as other ecosystem services they rely on. The preservation and restoration of terrestrial, freshwater and marine habitat is a key component in addressing biodiversity risk, and to achieve sustainable development goals. The ecosystem condition indicator has been calculated separately for terrestrial, freshwater and marine areas. Terrestrial: Biodiversity Intactness Index and Functional Connectivity of the Worlds Protected Areas were used. Freshwater: The Water Risk Filter’s (WRF) Fragmentation Status of Rivers has been integrated into the Biodiversity Risk Filter without changes. See the specific risk indicator layers in the WRF methodology for more details. Marine areas: Ocean Health Index’ habitat condition data for six marine ecosystems was considered.

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