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GHS - Built-up Surface 1990 - 100 m

The GHS-BUILT-S spatial raster dataset depicts the distribution of the built-up (BU) surfaces estimates between 1975 and 2030 in 5 year intervals and two functional use components a) the total BU surface and b) the non-residential (NRES) BU surface. The data is made by spatial-temporal interpolation of five observed collections of multiple-sensor, multiple-platform satellite imageries: Landsat (MSS, TM, ETM sensor) data supports the 1975, 1990, 2000, and 2014 epochs, while a Sentinel-2 (S2) image composite (GHS-composite-S2 R2020A) supports the 2018 epoch.

This data represents the total BU surface estimates (square meters) for year 1990 over cells of 100x100 m size.

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