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Landslides Risk

This indicator assesses the potential threat of rainfall- and earthquake-triggered landslides. Landslides impose significant risks to human lives and economic activities. Landslides have become more prevalent because of anthropogenic disturbances, such as land-cover changes, land degradation and expansion of infrastructure. These are further exacerbated by more extreme precipitation due to climate change, which is predicted to trigger more landslides and threaten sustainable development in vulnerable regions. The Global Landslide Hazard Map has been used as the basis for this indicator. It presents a qualitative representation of global landslide hazard on a global scale. It is a combination of the Global Landslide Hazard Map: Median Annual Rainfall-Triggered Landslide Hazard and the Global Landslide Hazard Map: Earthquake-Triggered Landslide Hazard.

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