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Limited Wild Flora & Fauna Availability Risk

This indicator refers to the unavailability of commercially harvested species. Wild species are used in many applications, including for medicinal, cosmetic, aromatic and genetic purposes. They are used globally as feed, fibre (e.g., for clothing, building materials, etc.), fuel, medicines and food ingredients. Overexploitation is one of the main threats to nature, but the intensity of this threat varies geographically. To approximate where availability of wild flora and fauna might be limited, De Minin et al.'s (2019) global centers of unsustainable commercial harvest paper has been used. The paper identified global concentrations, on land and at sea, of 4,543 species threatened by unsustainable commercial harvesting, to identify regions under threat.

RCoE Action:

World Wildlife Fund (WWF). "WWF: A Biodiversity Guide for Business." May 23, 2022,ā€¦.


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