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Low-input agriculture (areas of concern)

Smallholder farmers have limited access to capital and are reluctant to trade their low-risk system (low input and low yield) to a high-risk system (high input and potentially higher yields). But Insufficient application of fertilizer on agricultural land may lead to soil nutrients depletion, lower yields, and eventually land abandonment. This layer displays the areas of concern for low-input agriculture related issues derived from the convergence of global evidence of human-environment interactions that can have land degradation consequences.

Cherlet, M., Hutchinson, C., Reynolds, J., Hill, J., Sommer, S., von Maltitz, G. (Eds.), World Atlas of Desertification, Publication Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2018.


Concerns can be validated or dismissed only by evaluating them within their local biophysical, social, economic and political contexts. Local context provides an understanding of causes and consequences of degradation, but also offers guidance for efforts to control or reverse it.

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