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Mining polygons (Version 2) - PANGAEA

This data set provides spatially explicit estimates of the area directly used for surface mining on a global scale. It contains 44,929 polygon features, covering 101,583 kmĀ² of land used by the global mining industry, including large-scale and artisanal and small-scale mining. The polygons cover all ground features related to mining, .e.g open cuts, tailing dams, waste rock dumps, water ponds, processing infrastructure, and other land cover types related to the mining activities.

RCoE Action:

Maus, Victor; da Silva, Dieison M; Gutschlhofer, Jakob; da Rosa, Robson; Giljum, Stefan; Gass, Sidnei L B; Luckeneder, Sebastian; Lieber, Mirko; McCallum, Ian (2022): Global-scale mining polygons (Version 2). PANGAEA,

Independent validation has been performed of the mining data set using control points. For that, we draw 1,000 random samples stratified between two classes: mine and no-mine. The overall accuracy calculated from the control points was 88.3%, Kappa 0.77, F1 score 0.87, producer's accuracy of class mine 78.9 % and user's accuracy of class mine 97.2 %.

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