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Tourism Attractiveness

This indicator measures the availability of natural and cultural resources. Some industries, such as tourism, real estate and education, can depend highly on the presence of touristic valuable land or seascapes or specific sites. Tourism is an engine for jobs and investment. The degradation or loss of key attractive features in an area can negatively impact companies that rely on them. The Travel and Tourism Demand Drivers subindex of WEF’s Travel & Tourism Development Index 2021 Edition captures the principal “reasons to travel”. For this analysis, natural resource indicators and cultural resource indicators were included. The natural resources pillar measures the available natural capital as well as the development of outdoor tourism activities. The cultural resource pillar measures the availability of cultural resources such as archaeological sites and entertainment facilities. Please note that the source data for this indicator is only available on a country level. What does very high risk mean for this indicator? Areas of very high risk have a very low natural and cultural resource score.

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