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Flood hazard (100-year return period)

River floods are recognized as one of the major causes of economic damages and loss of human lives worldwide. Quantifying flood hazard is an essential component of resilience planning, prevention measures, emergency response, and mitigation, including insurance. This map depicts flood prone areas for flood events with a 100-year return period (i.e. with 1% chance of being exceeded in any one year). Cell values indicate water depth in meters. The map can be used to assess flood exposure and risk for population and assets.

Dottori, Francesco; Alfieri, Lorenzo; Salamon, Peter; Bianchi, Alessandra; Feyen, Luc; Hirpa, Feyera (2016): Flood hazard map of the World - 100-year return period. European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC) [Dataset] PID:


This dataset is based on JRC modelling tools and have several limitations which should be taken into account during usage (see mentioned references for a detailed description - The map might differ from official national flood hazard maps.

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