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Geo-location of sites with biodiversity funding

Mapping ongoing project activities in the field of conservation in protected areas is essential to identify the various actors and to identify the areas where information and actors are scarce. The aim is to better understand who is funding what and where, with a view to improve decision-making on biodiversity conservation. This map provides the geolocation of all sites that have received funding in the frame of a biodiversity conservation project -or an activity within a project- within approx. the last 20 years. It specifies whether the site is protected or not. One project usually includes several sites.

B Den Braber, L Battistella, B Bertzky, G Dubois. (2015) eConservation. A web based tool for mapping conservation projects. EC. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union


Most information had to be encoded and georeferenced manually. Projects often had limited information about the subject matter and the flagging of a project as one addressing biodiversity conservation was sometimes subjective. Georeferences were also missing and have been encoded manually. Projects that did not specify locations were georeferenced to the location of the country’s capital city, assuming that the projects are implemented at a country level. Similarly, projects spread over multiple locations and countries had to be artificially distributed in terms of budget across these locations in an arbitrary way. The users will however find some information in eConservation about the level of precision we attributed to the geolocation assigned to each project. All these steps are obviously prone to errors and can lead to wrong information. For more information, refer to

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