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Gridded Livestock of the World - Cattle

Global data sets on the geographic distribution of livestock are essential for diverse applications in agricultural socio-economics, food security, environmental impact assessment and epidemiology.
This dataset contains the global distribution of cattle in 2010 expressed in total number of cattle per pixel (5 min of arc) according to the Gridded Livestock of the World database (GLW 3).
Cattle are the most common and widespread species of large ruminant livestock and are raised primarily to produce milk, meat and hides and to provide draft power. In grass-based systems they play an important role in nutrient recycling and convert human-inedible plant matter into protein. Cattle are raised in diverse production systems ranging from capital-intensive, specialised beef and dairy grass-based and feed-lot systems; through multi-purpose cattle in labour-intensive, mixed crop-livestock systems; to extensive pastoral and agro-pastoral systems.

Gilbert, Marius; Nicolas, Gaƫlle; Cinardi, Giusepina; Van Boeckel, Thomas P.; Vanwambeke, Sophie; Wint, William G. R.; Robinson, Timothy P., 2018, Global cattle distribution in 2010 (5 minutes of arc),, Harvard Dataverse, V3


This dataset has not been recently updated.

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