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Tropical Moist Forests - Hybrid Transition map

A hybrid transition map is available at a resolution of 10m for the period from 1990 to 2022. This beta version combines the recently updated TMF map for the year 2022, derived from Landsat images at 30m, with the detections of forest disturbances by Sentinel 2 for the year 2022 at 10m. The integration of Sentinel-2 data allows a better identification of degraded forests, and a refinement of the disturbance edges and linear disturbances, such as logging roads and small rivers within the forest. The hybrid transition map is available for visualisation and download via ftp or GEE, along with a map detailing the data source of each disturbance detection. This feature allows users to identify whether disturbances were detected using Landsat, Sentinel 2, or both sensors in query mode by clicking on the map . Historical Sentinel 2 data for the previous years (2016-2021) will be used to produce an enhanced beta version of this hybrid transition map when the back processing of the Sentinel 2 archive, notably the improvement of the geometric accuracy, will be completed by ESA. Part of the small-scale forest disturbances that have been detected in the new beta map through the use of Sentinel 2 data in 2022 may have occurred in previous years but were not detected by 30m Landsat imagery. The use of the full Sentinel 2 archive for the final planned version of the hybrid map is expected to enhance the overall quality of the hybrid map and mitigate the issue of timing of the disturbance event. The final product combining the full archive of Landsat and Sentinel 2 data up to year 2022 is intended to be delivered with an accuracy assessment.

C. Vancutsem, F. Achard, J.-F. Pekel, G. Vieilledent, S. Carboni, D. Simonetti, J. Gallego, L.E.O.C. Arag√£o, R. Nasi. Long-term (1990-2019) monitoring of forest cover changes in the humid tropics. Science Advances 2021


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