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Tropical Moist Forests - Undisturbed tropical moist forest

Tropical moist forests have a huge environmental value. They play an important role in biodiversity conservation, terrestrial carbon cycle, hydrological regimes, indigenous population subsistence and human health (1-5). They are increasingly recognized as an essential element of any strategy to mitigate climate change. Accurate characterization of the tropical moist forests changes is needed to support conservation policies and to better quantify their contribution to global carbon fluxes. This map shows the coverage of undisturbed tropical moist forests remaining at the end of the year 2019.

Vancutsem, C., Achard, F., Pekel, J.-F., Vieilledent, G., Carboni, S., Simonetti, D., Gallego, J., Aragao, L., Nasi, R., Long-term (1990-2019) monitoring of tropical moist forests dynamics. Preprint available: Doi 10.1101/2020.09.17.295774 If you are using the data as a layer in a published map, please include the following attribution text: 'Source: EC JRC’


Tropical Moist Forests include mangroves and bamboo-dominated forest types.

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