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MODIS Chlorophylle-A monthly anomaly

Chlorophyll-a concentrations (Chla) are an indicator of phytoplankton abundance and biomass in open waters. They can be an effective measure of trophic status and are commonly used to measure water quality. This layer compares the Chla value from the last full month with the long-term mean Chla. A positive anomaly (warm colours) means the monthly Chla is higher than the long-term average for that month; a negative anomaly (cool colours) means it is lower than the average.

Le, CF; Hu, CM; English, D; Cannizzaro, J; Chen, ZG; Feng, L; Boler, R; Kovach, C (2013). Towards a long-term chlorophyll-a data record in a turbid estuary using MODIS observations. PROGRESS IN OCEANOGRAPHY, 109, 90-103.

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