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Total Fish Catch (tonnes)

The global capture fisheries has increased over the last 50 years as the consumption of seafood has doubled.This has increased pressure on fish stocks across the world. According to the State of World Fishery and Aquaculture 2020(FAO), the global capture fisheries production rose 14% from 1990 to 2018 and in 2018 it reached 96.4million tonnes. Here we show how much wild fish African countries caught in their EEZ in the last ten years (tonnes). In the attribute table you can find how much of the threatened marine fish species had be legally caught

RCoE Action:

Sumaila UR, Khan A, Dyck A, Watson R, Munro R, Tydemers P and Pauly D (2010) A bottom-up re-estimation of global fisheries subsidies. Journal of Bioeconomics 12: 201-225.


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